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Healing Technique

The Shipibo community consists of nearly 24,000 people in over 110 villages communities concentrated in the region of Pucallpa in Peru jungle in the north and south of the city of Pucallpa. The Shipibo communities are mostly situated along the Ucayali River.

The Shipibo are highlighted by a rich and complex cosmology, which is directly related to art and artifacts produced.

Chief among their traditions is the Ayahuasca ceremony (Banisteriopsis caapi), which is arguably the oldest, traditional and commercially unspoiled.

Shipibo Ayahuasca ceremony considered as art, so even women who are often chosen for ancestral Icaros to be transmitted and they are the main performers in the ceremonies when men healers are transmitting through their ceremonial songs female magic power its protective mother, their hearts and souls.

This constellation and mythology are also reproduced from ancestral memories in the ceremonies.

In the jungle of Peru it is called Icaro the song or melody used by curanderos (shamans) in their rituals they perform. The shamanic singing is the weapon healing, wisdom and personal vehicle energy healer, the symbol of his power.

Chants is the medicine for excellence Konibo shipibo.

Icaro action involves charging with the power of an object or potion shaman, conferring a specific property to be transmitted to the receiver, either cleaning, protection, healing.

Each shaman have their own Icaro, as their own experience and wisdom, having received in turn from their teacher or directly from nature.

In the chants inspired by Ayahuasca is the power of wisdom.

It is common for healers (shamans) manifest that things they know, including icaros, have been learned in dreams, visions or they have been given by plants.

They say that in these states of consciousness induced by concoctions "Master Plants" have caught the melody, without effort or reasoning, feeling that imposes itself and often in unknown language.

Like the mantras in the Eastern traditions are performed on certain energy centers, through sound vibration, and that there is a subconscious knowledge guides the shaman to choose the right Icaro to each circumstance.

During healing rituals where plant concoctions are used, curanderos (shamans) direct their healing, regulate individual and collective energy, and caring group unity.

Perceived in modified state of consciousness, Icaro helps metabolize visions, removes subjective contents at different levels, guide us in the work of self-examination and at the same time the bond with the present reality.

Icaro corresponding help us to be able to "see" inside the forms with more intensity and light and especially to discern, to see the importance and integrate the whole image with a universal vision. See in another dimension, with different eyes, with more transcendence and live every moment fully.

There is a knowledge of life hidden deep within each of us, away from our consciousness by excessive external stimuli and misuse of our body.

If we set the right conditions, this knowledge can arise unexpectedly, illuminating a path that had not watched.

The chant or Icaro is a "living energy transmission". The energy that the master receives from the spirit is the energy accumulated during the diet and giving power to his voice and his words, the energy that restores order, upset by the disease in the patient's body.

"The Icaros is the strength and the root of wisdom Medicine Man" cause is singing because the master communicates with the spirits of the plants that infuse the power of your medicine in the patient's body.

The patient's recovery depends on the master's ability to tune perfectly, with the help of spirits in the same "wave" of the disease and weakened body of the patient. If convergence is perfect, then the sound of singing (Icaro) master in the patient's body produces the effect of immediate normalization of disease and therefore healing.

The sound voice of masters is which depends one of the main therapeutic properties of the songs. This voice is often acute, uncertain, drowned, suffered severe, in other words assumes all shades allowed for the extension of the human voice, to emphasize the actions of travel, auxiliary spirits, fights, threats, disease resistance.

In The Healing Tree Center our masters have followed a long fundamental training to learn how to handle the chants, because they must vibrate the sick and should do in the exact manner in which each need. Here then precisely by the difference in the requirements of individual patients and the many illnesses suffered, the Shipibo - Konibo have in their repertoire a normally large number of songs, melodies, melodic drawings.

See during visions produced by Ayahuasca is listen to the messages of spirits.

It is the song of the shaman who heals, the chants tend to place the patient in the center of the attention of the spirits to start the healing process in therapeutic sessions.

There are different styles of songs and each has its meaning and different therapeutic use.

The songs used by Amazonian shamans are songs with power and sung only during therapy sessions.

The songs help the shaman during ceremonies to describe the patient's disease in addition to making the patient comfortable feel, sobering and cheering his soul preparing to rapid healing.

The song shows the course of the disease and the actions the Shaman done to rescue the patient's health.

Therapeutic virtues

Relief physical and psychological ills, as dependencies, traumas and anxieties, through the spirit. It gets to the root of the problem, through a comprehensive therapy allows self-knowledge.