Ayahuasca San Pedro healing Cusco Peru
Ayahuasca San Pedro healing Cusco Peru
D-8 Kantus Street, La Florida, Cusco-Peru
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Full day San Pedro retreat

320 USD
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Full day San Pedro retreat Full day San Pedro retreat

The San Pedro retreat includes:

  • Transport (from the hotel to the retreat center and back).
  • Volcanic water cleansing ceremony (détox).
  • Ceremony for unification of energies with coca leaf.
  • Kuti - Cleansing ceremony (energetic cleaning).
  • San Pedro ceremony - 01 session.
  • Flowering ceremony.
  • Pachamama offering ceremony (Mother Earth ceremony) .
  • 01 shaman (master) of San Pedro per ceremony, if the group reaches its maximum of 12 participants 02 shamans (masters) of San Pedro are included.
  • 01 assistant of ceremony, who make available to patients what they need throughout the retreat and different ceremonies. If the group reaches its maximum of 12 participants 02 assistants are included.
  • Translation from Quechua/Spanish to English.
  • Group Meeting - Presentation of shamans (Masters), conversation about the different ceremonies to perform.
  • Group meeting - Opportunity to share the experiences and lessons learned from the San Pedro ceremony. Consultations available before and after the San Pedro ceremony.
  • All food and drinks are a simple and delicious vegetarian diet suitable for working with medicinal plants - San Pedro.


08:00 - Transport from hotel – Meet with The Healing Tree staff

09:00 - Introduction to the Shamans (Maestros), conversation about the different ceremonies to perform

09:30 - Ceremony for unification of energies with coca leaves

09:45 - Kuti - Cleansing ceremony (energetic cleaning)

10:15 - San Pedro (Wachuma) Ceremony

16:30 - Break to sharing food

17:00 - Flowering ceremony

17:30 - Pachamama offering ceremony (Mother Earth ceremony) 

18:15 - Group photo with shamans

18:30 - Return transport to Cusco hotel


- Private retreats are also available, which offer more flexibility in the itinerary. Private retreats can be reserved depending on booking availability, and at an additional rate.

Diet San Pedro Information


Guidelines Before Your Ceremony

Dietary: We recommend not consuming any drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, coffee or chocolate for one week prior to the ceremony. Avoid canned food, red meat and pork. Pork in particular is damaging for the body during a San Pedro ceremony, due to it´s high level of toxicity. Also avoid cold-cut meat, spicy food and excessive salt and sugar, and food or beverages with coloring, artificial flavors or preservatives.

Recommended food: Eat well and healthy! When possible, eat good quality, organic food. White meats ie. Chicken and fish, are permitted. Fish is particularly recommended, as it contains many powerful nutrients for the brain. The Peruvian fish specialities, ceviche and leche de tigre, are highly recommended due to their nutritional properties for the brain, providing they are consumed without spicy pepper (aji).

Do not take any medical prescription drugs, female contraceptive pills, antibiotics, injections, natural supplements or vitamins in the week prior to, and during your retreat. If you are currently taking medication which must be taken continuously, please discuss with us as soon as possible, before your ceremony.


Anti-depression medication contains chemicals which do not interact well with medicinal plants. If you are on any such medication you must discuss this with Healing Tree admin before commiting to a retreat, so we can plan the best and safest course of action with you. For women, if you are pregnant you will not be able to participate in a retreat.

Additional points: We recommend abstaining from sexual activity, including masturbation, 2 days before the retreat, as it can reduce your physical energetic levels during your ceremonies.

Recommendations for spiritual and mental preparation

Prior to your ceremony we recommend meditation, prayer, yoga, or any other spiritual/ religious practice familiar to you. If you do not practice any particular religion or spirituality we suggest focusing on a sincere personal prayer, morning and night, leading up to your ceremony.

The attitude before and during the ceremony or retreat must be honesty (with others and yourself!), humility, mental and spiritual strength, and love.

Articles to bring to your San Pedro ceremony:

  • 1 x 2 litre bottle of water
  • 1 x toilet paper roll
  • Comfortable walking shoes, raincoat and sunscreen

Healing Full day San Pedro retreat in Cusco Healing Full day San Pedro in Cusco

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