Ayahuasca San Pedro healing Cusco Peru
Ayahuasca San Pedro healing Cusco Peru
D-8 Kantus Street, La Florida, Cusco-Peru
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The Healing Tree Center

Peru travel restrictions

COVID-19 negative certification required for entering the country.

Passengers need to wear a face mask and a face shield/visor and need to have proof of a negative result from a COVID-19 PCR (molecular) test taken 72 hours before the commercial flight.

No quarantine required.

Health & Safety Health & Safety

The 7-Phases of Patient Health & Safety

The Healing Tree Center is not merely the supportive environment for patient self-discovery and healing. It isn’t just the relaxing meditative spaces, the enveloping natural tranquility of the Andean mountains, or the “welcoming to all” attitude delivered by its knowledgeable staff to those seeking honesty and non-judgement. The Healing Tree Center is a reflection of all of these supportive elements within a greater system that values, honors, and ensure patient safety as well as comfort. 

Work at The Healing Tree Center is done in an environment of harmonious collaboration with and amongst authentic Peruvian shamans, licensed on-site medical staff, caring and responsive ceremony facilitators, pure and tested medicinal Ayahuasca and San Pedro, and the most important collaborator in any healing journey: the patient. 

For patient health and safety, The Healing Tree Center blends both ancient and modern practiced in their special 7-Phase approach for treatment with the medicine Ayahuasca that begins long before patients even arrive to the treatment center. Treatment with the Medicine San Pedro, due to the different treatment models and plant properties, follows a similar but slightly different protocol – differences are highlighted in the footnotes below:

Phase One  : Physical, Spiritual & Mental Pre-Preparation 

Phase Two : Collaboration with Health Providers 

Phase Three : Private Exam with The Healing Tree Center’s Medical Doctor 

Phase Four : Pre-Ceremony Detox – Cleanse with Medical Volcanic Water 

Phase Five : Collection of Ceremony-Specific Health Information 

Phase Six : Ceremony Debriefing 

Phase Seven : Pre-Ceremony Vitals Check with The Healing Tree Center’s Medical Nurse 

Health & Safety Health & Safety

Phase One:
Physical, Spiritual & Mental Pre-Preparation

Patient Physical Preparation Includes: 

1 week prior to the treatment with the medicine Ayahuasca.

  1. Following the mandatory Diet (listed in detail on each retreat description page on The Healing Tree Center’s website: https://healingtreeayahuasca.com/ayahuasca-retreat-3-days-2-night-cuzco-en).
  2. Safe cessation of all medications, pills, herbal remedies, vitamins, drugs; the cessation timelines and methods should be as recommended by prescribing physician or manufacturer. This may be more than one week depending on the substance. Patients should contact thehealingtreecenter@gmail.com with a list of all medication names, doses and dates last taken for review.

Patient Spiritual & Mental Preparation includes: 

  1. Following, or beginning, any form of awareness-based, spiritual or relaxation practice that is comfortable for or familiar to the patient. Such practices may include: writing in a journal, daily affirmations, visualizations, meditation, prayer, energy work or yoga. Maintaining a healthy sleep routine: winding down practices, limiting screen time before bed, and getting sufficient rest at night or restorative naps during the day.
  2. Organizing any last-minute work or travel requirements, reservations or bookings, delegating any responsibilities, finishing any assignments or projects, setting up auto-replies for emails so patients can focus on relaxing during their retreat.

Phase Two:
Collaboration with Health Providers 

Patient Preparation Includes: 

  1. Obtaining and providing to The Healing Tree Center a recent Medical Certificate of Health and Wellness (e.g. a doctor’s fit note) from the patient’s doctor or specialist.  Titles of this certificate may vary by country. In essence, it is a written note stating proof by recent medical evaluation and exam (not more than 30 days old) undertaken by a licensed doctor which indicates that the patient is healthy and without any illnesses. If the patient has already left their home country, they can obtain this certificate from an independent Peruvian doctor in advance of their treatment at The Healing Tree Center. Please contact thehealingtreecenter@gmail.com for a list of recommended clinics and doctors in Cusco.
  2. We also kindly ask each patient a request to go through an EKG check up and interpretation of it by a Doctor, for any Ayahuasca or San Pedro retreat, an EKG or electrocardiogram, also called an EKG, is a simple, painless test that detects and records your heart's electrical activity. This test also is used to detect and study heart problems such as heart attacks, arrhythmia or irregular heartbeat, and heart failure.

Phase Three:
Private Exam with The Healing Tree Center’s Medical Doctor 

1 day prior to the treatment with the medicine Ayahuasca. This exam is performed at The Healing Tree Center’s Cusco office at 8:00 am, until approximately 9:00 am and the patient must be fasting from all food and liquids other than water and herbal teas until approximately noon. Patients may drink herbal teas and water up to the time of their private exam to help with any hunger pangs.

Patient Preparation Includes: 

  1. Participating in a medical exam which assesses fitness and readiness according to a specific Ayahuasca Ceremony Checklist, and looks for any changes in health.

Phase Four:
Pre-Ceremony Detox – Cleanse with Medical Volcanic Water 

1 day prior to the treatment with the medicine Ayahuasca. This is performed at the Patient’s Cusco hotel / hostel at 9:30 am until approximately noon. Detailed information on this cleanse is found on The Healing Tree Center’s website: https://healingtreeayahuasca.com/medical-volcanic-water-pre-retreat-cleanse-cuzco-peru-en. 

Patient Preparation Includes: 

  1. Completing a digestive flush that eliminates food waste and toxins through defecation by drinking large quantities of medical volcanic water. Due to its composition and the volume of water consumed, it is not absorbed by the body like normal water. Patients to please contact thehealingtreecenter@gmail.com if they have a sulfa allergy.

Phase Five:
Collection of Ceremony-Specific Health Information

1 day prior to the treatment with the medicine Ayahuasca. This is collected at our office in Cusco.

Patient Preparation Includes: 

  1. Completing of The Healing Tree Center’s Patient Medical History Questionnaire:Medical Questionnaire.pdf.
    This Questionnaire obtains additional patient health history regarding the 3 realms of physical, spiritual, & mental preparedness, and any health changes, that will be used in patient treatment programs with the medicine Ayahuasca. 

Phase Six:
Ceremony Debriefing 

The day of the treatment with the medicine Ayahuasca. The patient and all staff involved engage in an information session before the ceremony commences.

Patient Preparation Includes: 

  1. Introductions and explanation of roles and responsibilities so patients know who is assisting them, and how, so that they feel comfortable, prepared, and well taken care of.
  2. Explanation of how the ceremony will proceed (ceremony start and completion times, ceremony length, order of events) and tips on patient ceremony management.
  3. Review of The Healing Tree Center’s policies, and checks for adherence (all paperwork completed in full, no prohibited items in patient possession).
    Patients to review Patient Policies:  https://healingtreeayahuasca.com/doc/patient%20policies%20en.pdf regarding items and substances which patients are prohibited from bringing onto Healing Tree Center property during retreats, as well as consequences of bringing said items on-site. 

Phase Seven:
Pre-Ceremony Vitals Check with The Healing Tree Center’s Medical Nurse 

The day of the treatment with the medicine Ayahuasca, 30 minutes before the medicine is administered. The Healing Tree Center’s Medical Nurse performs an exam and standard vitals check.  This is the final part of the medical pre-screening process. 

Patient Preparation Includes: 

  1. Participating in a short exam which checks for fitness, specific Ayahuasca readiness, and any changes in health since previous exams.

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