Ayahuasca San Pedro healing Cusco Peru
Ayahuasca San Pedro healing Cusco Peru
Pampa del Castillo Street # 455 2do floor - Of 209, Cusco-Peru
Mobile (Eng / Esp): +51 993662522 
The Healing Tree Center

Project Re-Born - Volunteers

The spiritual center in the vibrant City of Cusco is looking for engaged and positive volunteers! We need you to help us with the whole process of healing ceremonies preparation. You would be in charge of the following responsibilities:

- Supporting and helping our patients during the ceremonies,

- Assisting the patients during their staying in the center,

- Helping the shamans with explaining and presenting themselves (they don't speak English),

- Supervising the breakfasts preparation,

- Little maintenance and cleaning help in the center.

Shifts hours depend on our patients demands, but usually it's 3-4 days per week for about 6 hours. You might work more days, although we might have no booking for the whole week as well. The schedule is flexible, though we can arrange it in a way that you will have enough free time to travel or for other activities.

Project Re-Born - Volunteers Project Re-Born - Volunteers

We offer:

- Accommodation both in the heart of Cusco city and in The Healing Tree Center which is located 40 min drive from Cusco (picturesque village -Lucre),

- Breakfast, lunch and dinner during workdays,

- Opportunity to learn and experience the Quechua beliefs, the Andean and Amazonian spiritual ceremonies, shamanic techniques and Peruvian culture,

- Chance to meet people looking for spirituality from around the world,

- Opportunity to explore & discover Cusco and Sacred Valley by day and night.

- Treatment to cure body, psychological and spiritual issues.


- Have a minimum period of two months stay with us,

- Intermediate Spanish and upper-intermediate English,

- Easy-going and sympathetic personality,

- Empathy,

- Interest in the personal and spiritual growth,

- Energy and enthusiasm,

- Yoga, meditation, reiki, tai-chi instructors or massage therapist will be more than welcome.

Don't hesitate, meet us and join our project! :))

Please send us e-mail, with a short description of yourself, your skills, time of your arrival to Cusco and explanation why you want to work with us. If we like your application we'll write you back and arrange Skype interview :)

Project Re-Born - Volunteers Project Re-Born - Volunteers
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