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Ayahuasca San Pedro healing Cusco Peru
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Medical Volcanic Water - pre-retreat Cleanse

The Medical Volcanic Water Pre-Retreat Cleanse is Phase 4 of The Healing Tree Center’s 7-Phases of Patient Health & Safety. This cleanse is monitored by The Healing Tree Center staff 1 day prior to the treatment with the medicine Ayahuasca or San Pedro and takes place at the Patient’s Cusco hotel / hostel (at 9:30 am until approximately noon). This is a digestive flush that eliminates food waste and toxins through defecation by drinking large quantities of medical volcanic water.

This is not just a detox. It is actually the first ceremony of any retreat with plant medicines, and it continues the patient’s commitment to the overall preparation process that started with  Phase One: Physical, Spiritual & Mental Pre-Preparation, continues through the first retreat day with the sacred medicines Ayahuasca and San Pedro until the final retreat days and all the 7-Phases in between. This cleanse begins an enduring ceremonial experience that will remain with the patient for the rest of their lives.

The medicinal water comes from volcanoes, which means it comes from Mother Earth - Pachamama. She gives us this healing water to help cleanse our body condition (detox), and this is why this ceremony is one of gratitude that will begin a journey of discovery and personal transformation.

If you are not based in Cusco, we request that you arrive at least one day ahead of your retreat, so that you are able to participate in a volcanic water cleanse before your first ceremony.  We will provide you with volcanic waters at your hostel/hotel the day before your retreat. 

This water is sourced from the Quisachata volcano in the San Pedro región of the Andes and has been traditionally drunk to flush out toxins and residual illnesses from the body. The positive detox effects of the detox will last up to 6 months after your cleanse.

Aside than the many positive health benefits of the volcanic cleanse, we specifically use the cleanse for our retreats as it has proven to be incredibly effective at removing toxins,  which would otherwise need to be expelled from the body by Ayahuasca through purging (vomiting).  By expelling any toxins before your ceremony, particularly for those drinking Ayahuasca for the first time, you will be able to focus more on your visions, mental, psychological and spiritual work of Ayahuasca during the ceremony(ies).

Consuming  the Volcanic Waters: The cleansing process lasts from 1- 3 hours, and the waters have a diarectic effect, as the unwanted toxins are expelled from the body.  During the cleanse you may feel nauseous, experience mild stomach cramps, headaches or a feel a little light-headed or slightly cold. These symptoms however are normal and are only temporary.

The water has a lightly-salted, mineral taste, and a natural, mild mineral odor, so so it is not difficult to consume. On average people need approximately 8-12 glasses to complete the cleanse, depending on general diet, level of nutrition, lifestyle and toxicity levels.

Common ailments which the volcanic water can assist with:

Chemical Analysis of the volcanic waters:

 Chemical Analysis  Amount
 Total hardness (general mineral content (mg/L)  2240
 Turbidity ( FTU )  1
 Total Alkalinity (mg / L )  260
 Calcium ( mg / L )  592
 Total Acidity  (mg / L ) CO2  25
 Magnesium ( mg / L )  182
 Clorides ( mg / L ) Cl  551
 Sodium ( mg / L ) 238 
 Sulfates ( mg / L ) CaSO4  2690
 Potassium ( mg / L)  45
 Phosphates ( mg / L ) HPO4
 Iron (mg / L )  3
 PH  7,6
 Fluorine (mg / L)  1,5
 Conectivity ( Us / Cm)  6500
 Dissolved Solids (mg / L )  6600

Medical Volcanic Water - pre-retreat Cleanse Medical Volcanic Water - pre-retreat Cleanse

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