Ayahuasca San Pedro healing Cusco Peru
Ayahuasca San Pedro healing Cusco Peru
D-8 Kantus Street, La Florida, Cusco-Peru
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The Healing Tree Center
Ayahuasca ceremony center in Cusco - photo: Antoine Briot Ayahuasca ceremony center in Cusco - photo: Antoine Briot

What We Believe

Never before has the planet and it´s master plants Ayahuasca and San Pedro been more in the public eye- across the internet, in news reports, documentaries, music and blogs, and for good reason. Both the planet and the mother earth energy struggling to support us, have been increasingly reaching out, through each and every channel, in order that the generations now responsible for this world may truly start on a path of planetary healing.

As more and more of us, from all corners of the world,  are being drawn back to the ceremonies of our ancients, and inparticular the shamanic Ayahuasca medicine of Amazon, we are seeing an increasing number of people, on a scale never seen before, who are experiencing both expanded awareness of the planet, and profound personal transformation through these master plants.

As the medical and science industries are increasingly (re)discovering more cures for common diseases and ailments among the plants of the Amazon, we are seeing a resurgence of interest in the knowledge of the shamans and medicine people, who understand that the planet truly provides us with everything we need for our own physical, mental and spiritual healing. (This so-called “alternative” medicine is somewhat ironically named, given it was the original and only medicine used by our human ancestors for thousands of years!)

Everyone at The Healing Tree Center, our Shamans through to the retreat assistants, has experienced their own unique calling to this work.  We are all united in our passion and commitment to learning and working  with the planet and it´s masters, and through the assistance of these extraodinary plants, helping each individual in their own healing, personal development, fulfillment and happiness.

How We Work

It is important that patients have a tranquil and supportive environment, for their personal work and treatment with the medicines Ayahuasca and San Pedro (Huachuma).

Our Ayahuasca and San Pedro Healing Center is located on private farm land in the beautiful Sacsayhuaman Valley, a 25 minute drive from Cusco’s Plaza De Armas (main square).  It is a stunning location surrounded by mountains, rivers, forest, lagoons, rolling hills, Peruvian native wildlife, and ancient Inca ruins. At the Healing Tree Center, Ayahuasca Patients can explore the landscape during their retreat in between ceremonies and other various treatments and activities, and San Pedro patients enjoy their ceremonies immersed exploring this environment intensively to reconnect with the Mother Earth 

Transportation from Cusco to the retreat center on the day your retreat starts and return transportation from the center to Cusco on the day your retreat ends is included. At the center you will have everything that basically you will need during your time with us including your lodging (2-Bed and 4-Bed rooms available and private rooms upon request and availability), kitchen facilities, showers with 24/h hot water, heaters, and meals."

You will be well taken care of by our caring and trained staff, facilitators, shamans, chef, translators, instructors and therapists in our retreat center. Because we use plant medicines in a healing context, we keep our group sizes small to allow for individualized treatment.  We treat to a maximum of 12 patients at any given time. Our personalized service also includes pre-ceremony private conversations, daily post-ceremony discussions with the shamans and staff to help process information, and on-going spiritual and emotional support during your journey. Post-retreat we are always available to our patients via email, phone and social media as patients will continue to grow and develop on their journey...what they experience and learn from the retreats is merely a part of their continuing life's work.

The Healing Tree Center for Ayahuasca ceremonies at Sacsayhuaman Our Ayahuasca Healing Center in Cusco The Healing Tree Center in Cusco specialist of Ayahuasca retreats Specialist in Ayahuasca ceremonies in Cusco Ayahuasca ceremonies at Healing Tree Center in Cusco
Who We Are - photo: Antoine Briot Who We Are - photo: Antoine Briot

Who We Are (Meet the Team!)

Italo Ponce - Coordinator

Born in Amazonas, in the northern jungle of Peru, and into a family with a long history of plant medicine healers, Italo was a teenager when he experienced his first Ayahuasca ceremony with a local indigenous shaman. Since that first ceremony Italo has had a deep connection with Ayahuasca and the sacred plants of his ancestors. Over the last few years Italo has studied under his Shipibo-Conibo Shaman master from the Pucallpa jungle region, and has continued to develop his spiritual and energetic healing techniques. Incorporating his deep conviction and love for this work and for others, and his skills as a shaman assistant and healer, Italo has led numerous retreats for well-respected Shamanic centers across Peru. As well as speaking both Spanish and English fluently, Italo is currently learning the Shipibo language and the icaros (songs) of the indigenous Shipibo-Conibo shamans. Italo brings to Healing Tree his wealth of experience in running safe,uplifting and transformative Ayahuasca ceremonies, along with his dedication, warmth and a constant smile!

Italo Ponce Italo Ponce

Juanita Hufnagel - Manager

Juanita is originally from the beautiful remote islands on the scenic west coast of Vancouver island. She studied many disciplines to feed both sides of her brain during her university career in Victoria BC including microbiology and organic chemistry, history, English literature, philosophy, dance, theatre design, sculpture, creative writing, photography, and languages.

Before travelling to Peru in search of a life more in line with her personal and spiritual values, Juanita lived in Calgary Alberta where she enjoyed an active life hiking the Rocky Mountains, practicing meditation and yoga and teaching dance. She was blessed to work for several years as a patient facilitator-teacher at an renowned and respected integrative medical Center which practiced an infused blend of Eastern and Western traditional and complementary approaches and utilized a multi-level process of assessment to prevent and treat disease and imbalance.  

Juanita's inspired creativity is infectious to all around her. She believes in promoting outer and inner harmony and humour in all areas of life through maintaining loving and respectful connections with the planet and all its inhabitants and through the nurturing and loving of ones body, spirit and mind. She believes that when people are bravely expressing their gifts via their unique voice they become passionate, happy, empowered to elicit great change, and a source of inspiration for others ... they truly and vibrantly shine. 

Juanita Hufnagel Juanita Hufnagel

Chico – Honarary Shaman Assistant!

Chico grew up on the streets of the Amazon town of Iquitos, before he stowed away on a boat heading to a remote Ayahuasca center in the Amazon jungle. Following this first retreat Chico met and then adopted Italo, in an Iquitos café in early 2014, and quickly became a much-loved addition in many Ayahuasca and San Pedro ceremonies, including a San Pedro ceremony in the sacred “Stone Forest” of Markawasi, and a month-long shamanic retreat in the Amazon Nauta region. Personal highlights for Chico include piranha-fishing from canoes on the Amazon river, digging holes in the jungle, and riding in open-air tuk-tuk taxis in Iquitos. Clearly driven to work with the sacred medicine from his beginning, Chico is a calm and loving addition to The Healing Tree Center, and brings to the team his extensive experience in cuddles and support, gained throughout his many San Pedro and Ayahuasca ceremonies.

Chico Chico
Who We Are - photo: Antoine Briot Who We Are - photo: Antoine Briot
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